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INVEST in your 
mental health!!!
Cut the crap out of your life & never worry about what others think about you ever again.

The mindset we create in our subconscious mind controls our beliefs such as self-doubt and habits such as 'the glass is half emoty'. However, it also controls the ability to build confidence & most importantly, increase self-awareness.

Mindfulness Training teaches the subconscious brain to start making deliberate thoughts by moving thoughts into the conscious mind so we are aware of them. Nothing can change until we are aware of it. 

Don't allow a small negative thought to develop into anxiety, stress or depression and ultimately move into the subconscious mind and become a pattern or a habit. 

Who is Natalie McNamara?

Natalie is a certified Mindfulness Trainer, Solution-focused coach & qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Mindset Trainer. The past couple of years Natalie has worked closely with many groups and individuals on building & maintaining a strong mindsets to help support their mental health and build the life the have only ever dreamed about. 
Natalie also works with Beyondblue discussing mental mental health. 
BUT... you need to do the work!!!!
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Videos: Each day for 21-days a new training video will be released inside the membership program. 
  •  Topics: Each day a new topic is covered with tools about tapping into your subconscious thinking:
  • **other people's opinions
  • **overcoming fear
  • **knowing your own life 'rule' book
  • **accessing your own wisdom
  • **coping with anxiety
  • **Limiting beliefs
  • **self-doubt
  • **unconditional love
  • **boundaries....
  •  Support: Email support is offered throughout the membership period -
  •  Worksheets: Some session worksheets will be available to deliver greater knowledge on the topic and increase self-learning. 
  •  Facebook Group: You will be invited into a PRIVATE Facebook group where Natalie will offer one on one training on topics that need indepth discussion. 
  • Access: Members receive FULL access to all training material available in the membership site - including any BONUS material
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