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Allow your child to reach their potential by believing in a future where they know they CAN!!! 
Prepare your teenager for life after school....
Give your teenager the skills to understand it's their MINDSET that determines how they will ultimately perform & successfully they bounce back
It’s great to say to teens, “Have Your Own Back” 
but how do they know what this means 
if they have not been taught. 
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  • Videos: 10 self-paced modules which can completed in the comfort of your home. Each module will be available until the end of 2019 and can be watched as many times as your teenager needs.  Each module teaches a new tool or technique to develop a strong mental health, increase emotional intelligence so your teenager can leanr how to truly have their own back. 
  • Practical Work: Worksheets are available for each training module to gain practical experience and these can be assessed by Natalie via email.  
  • Support: Email support is offered from the team at Be Kind 2 You throughout the membership period 
  • Membership Period: Is offered until the end of the 2019 school year. Bonus material may be added through-out this period. 
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Until the end of the month, you will receive a BONUS section on Time Management. This section includes 5 extra videos - including a study meditation. 
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By Learning These Solutions Focused Tools...
we are helping build a strong, confident 
& emotionally healthy future
  • Control: What's in your control? Most of us spend a lot of time trying to control areas of our life and it's time wasted. You will learn EXACTLY what you can control and what you can't so you can move on quickly. 
  • Stress: Stress is natural in Year 12 and knowing how to push through it is important. Stress is the difference between what you want to be real & what is reality.  
  • Anxiety: Anxiety is vital to achieving success in any field as it wakes up the mind, ready to fight the 'danger' However, too much anxiety has the opposite effect, causing the 'critical thinking' part of the brain to shut down. 
  •  Self-Doubt: Self-doubt is just thoughts that work on autopilot from the subconscious mind. Having the skills to recognise and remove these thoughts quickly increases attention for the conscious mind to get to work on study or exams. 
  •  Blame: Blame is a shift in responsibility and it removes all your power. When we blame someone or something else for our current situation, we need THEM to change so our current situation can change. Very disempowering. 
  • Burnout: Burnout is a common term used with Year 12 students and it manipulates the brain to believe it is true. Understanding how mind over matter works and how to get into that thinking, removes burnout. 
  • Fear: Fear is not a useful emotion and is created to protect us. Fear is a belief and a belief is just a thought we keep on thinking so we believe it is true. Fear has no place in Year 12 success. 
  • Massive Action: There are three types of actions - passive action, action & massive action. If you can ask yourself which mode you are in, you know whether you will achieve your version or success or not. 
  •  Other People's Opinions: What other people think about you is none of your business. There will always be people who do not agree with you, like you or are nice to you. When you know how to take the power back, what other people think no longer affects your results. 
  •  Confidence Thinking: This type of thinking comes from the slow part of the brain and takes a little more energy to create. When you put this tool in good use every day, it starts to become a default type of thinking and changes results.  

Master these 10 Mindset Tools & ultimately Change Your Results

The mind wants 3 things: to be Fast, Efficient & Correct. 

Over the next 10 days, the tools you will learn & practice will become a deliberate CONSCIOUS thought that helps the brain be more efficient, fast at decision making and correct. In 10 days your teenager will learn 10 amazingly easy tools to use to change their thought pattern to achieve success. 

Who is Natalie McNamara?

Natalie is a Mindfulness Coach, NLP Practitioner & a solution-focused Trainer. The past couple of years Natalie has worked closely with many Year 11 & 12 students on building & maintaining a strong mindset to increase emotional intelligence to help support their final years of school. 
The right MINDSET through-out the final years of schools WILL show results - both emotionally & academically. 
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