INTRODUCING:  Mindfulness Trainer & Solution Focused Coach natalie McNamara 
tap into your subconscious mind to become an emotional intelligent teacher for your child
become a Calmer, Patient & More emotionally 
Connected parent 
Learn how to back yourself by working on your emotional 
well-being to remove negative self-talk & build internal confidence 
Recycling Old Thoughts & Emotions Will NEVER 
Create New Results!! 
What People Are Saying About This Program!!!
Fact #1: Who is in charge of your subconscious mind?
Our subconscious mind is the most powerful part of our life as it control almost everything. BUT most of us know very little about it - especially how to tap into it. Most of our influences come from the subconscious mind:
Resistance to Change
Fact #2: The Power Of The Thought Cycle & How Easy It Is To Use Daily
Around 95% of what we say & what we do comes from the subconscious mind - how do we tap into this and start making more DELIBERATE thoughts that benefit us?
The first thing to be aware if is:
What is in your control? 
Then you need to ask yourself,
"What am I thinking?" and then finally
"Why am I choosing to think like this?"
Fact #3: Self-Doubt is an automatic response when trying to evolve into the best version of you  - BUT not for long! 
Have you ever wondered how some people - successful people in their chosen field, avoid self-doubt and seem to rise to every challenge? 
They understand the difference between self-doubt thinking and confidence thinking. 
One is from the 'SLOW' part of the brain and the other from the 'FAST' part. 
Let's activate the 'SLOW' part of the brain and watch your doubt disappear. 
Emotional Intelligent Parenting
By learning ways to back yourself helps remove self-doubt thinking, build confidence & most importantly, increase self-awareness, all areas vital to master being an emotionally intelligent parent.
12 month Access for ONLY $119
ONE only payment & have access to the training videos for 12-mths (including email support)
  • Videos: Each day for 21-days a new training video will be released inside the membership program. 
  • Topics: Each day a new topic is covered from dealing with failure to letting go of other people's opinions to overcoming fear to accessing your own wisdom to coping with anxiety
  • Support: Email support is offered throughout the membership period
  •  Worksheets: Some session worksheets will be available to deliver greater knowledge on the topic and increase self-learning. 
  •  Facebook Group: You will be invited into a PRIVATE Facebook group where Natalie will offer one on one training on topics that need indepth discussion. 
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